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A new “Weapon”was Born in Fastener Quality Control

Update Time:2010-12-31  Click:2245

Recently, the project "New Thread Precision Measurement Analysis Equipment" of General Administration of Quality Supervision,Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) taken by our Center, has passed technical evaluation organized by the Department of Science and Technology of AQSIQ in Hangzhou. It is identified that its technology level has reached domestic leading level, and has been awarded the national patent.

Threaded connection is the basic form of fastening connection; thread plays a significant part in the fastener connecting quality. The current thread test lacks a simple measuring method; each parameter has to be measured independently, with different methods, tools and equipment, which makes the quantitative test of threads various indicators very uneconomical. Only large diameter measurement and the gauge limit test can be tested by common thread test.

In order to improve fastener thread quality control level, and surpass the limits of the current thread test methods, China National standard parts product quality supervision and Inspection Center has tried a fresh test idea since the beginning of 2007, and has developed a " New Thread Precision Measurement Analysis Equipment " which approved by AQSIQ and Zhejiang Quality and Technical Supervision, and the prototype was developed in 2010. The device can gain all parameters once with good test efficiency and measurement precision. What different from the traditional gauge inspection is it can check the causes through single item test and response questions directly while finding the defects, which solved the weakness of thread quality control in fastener manufacturing process. It can be used in large tests, online test and quality analysis. It has great significance for improving fastener thread manufacturing quality.

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