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The open laboratory refer to the laboratory facilities, testing equipment, technical standards information, scientific research and other technical resources that are qualified provided by Quality Control Technical Institution to enterprises and relative universities for the purpose of public services such as service independent innovation and product quality improvement. The open laboratory is an effective way of optimizing the enterprise development environment and lowering the business cost.
The open laboratory focuses on helping customers in all kinds of technical activities on the basis of the laboratory resources instead of the impartial third party testing and the service modes are more diversified. The service only charge the cost of the laboratory and issue the data report and technical specifications instead of the Third Party Testing Report.
According to the needs of our customers in recent years, our laboratory determine to use the Fastener Axial Force Laboratory, Precision Constant Temperature and Humidity Laboratory, and the SEM Failure Analysis Laboratory as the open laboratories. The fastening axial force analysis system covers fastener assembly analysis ability of0-25000N.m, including friction coefficient, effective torque, and torque coefficient. The Precision Measure depth covers the thread precision measure and parts tolerance test. The SEM provides analysis for the component failure, fracture morphology and micro area composition.
The customers with testing demands shall make appointment or consultation at the reception table.
Service Tel: 0573-86180108 86180208

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