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Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is the service project that our laboratory highlights its expanding. The Failure Analysis Dept. of our laboratory mainly carries out the failure analysis and arbitration of metal products and structural components, manufacturing process improvement, and product reliability safety assessment. Our business scope covers fasteners and other metal components in the fields of wind power, automobile, engineering machinery, bridge and chemical industry.

The laboratory has a high-quality professional team. The laboratory also possesses various professional analysis instruments and equipment, including Hitachi scanning electron microscope (including energy spectrometer), Zeiss microscope (research level), Buehler automatic mosaic and polishing equipment, automatic cutting machine, high and low temperature environmental testing chamber, program controlled heat treatment furnace and other advanced analysis and ancillary equipment.

Analysis Service

Research of trial process of new products

Manufacturing process control

Product failure analysis

Identification of the quality of products for arbitration

Product reliability and safety assessment

Case Introductions

Case 1: Fracture of wheel hub bolt of the passenger vehicle

Case 1: Fracture of wind power generation equipment blade bolts

Case 1: Fracture of engine valve spring

Case 1: Fracture of the housing of the rear axle of the engineering machinery

Case 1: Corrosion of chemical reactor

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