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Online Business Commission Process

1. Online user registration

(1) login http://www.chinazbj.com,click on the "online business delegate”, in accordance with the registration reminder to fill in name, unit name, address and other details;

(2) Provide valid identification (ID card, a letter of recommendation (letter), company business license, etc.), on-site audit to confirm the registration information by the staff;

(3) To confirm that the information consistent with the company registration information, then through the registration;

2.Fill in the information detection and confirmation

(1) Completed online orders: according to fill in the "information" and “sample information";

(2) Fill in the information submitted after the completion of inspection

(3)Business personnel confirm and supplementary inspection information, generation of entrustment agreement back to the customer to confirm and submit again, if the inspection information incomplete, again by the client to fill out and submit confirmation.

3. Sample delivery, payment: Send the samples and relevant technical data, the amount paid in accordance with the contract agreement(customers can take cash settlement);

4. After inspection, our laboratory will provide the test report and return sample to customers with the detection time which we promised.

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