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Apply for notes

I. Application Process

(1)According to the latest recruitment information submit your resume;

(2)Department of personnel selection in line with the requirements of the staff,determine the time to notice unified written examination;

(3)the person who through the written examinationcan attend an interview.

2. After through the written examination, interview assessment,carry the related data

(1)The original identity card;

(2)The original graduation certificate, degree certificate;

(3)The original CET 4/6 Certificate

(4)Other relevant documents (certificate of title, skills certificates, etc.) of the origina

(5)Labor relationship termination letter( graduates provide report card)

(6)Medical certificate within the past month

3. Other Matters

(1)After through the written examination, interview assessment,If changes contact should promptly inform the personnel department;

(2)If you provide false documents information,we will be implemented according to the personnel management system.

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