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Mechanical Performance Testing

Testing Items

Appearance dimensions Screw gauge, roughness, all kinds of length dimensions

Short Term Mechanics: Brinell Hardness, Rockwell Hardness, Vickers Hardness, Re-tempering Test, Normal Temperature and High Temperature Tensile Test, Static Load Anchoring, Proof Load, all kinds of Prevailing Torques, Locking Performance, Torque Coefficient, Fastening Axial Force, Friction Coefficient, Anti Sliding Coefficient, Drive Test, Washer Spring, Toughness, Hydrogen Embrittlement Testing, Flattening, Rubber Bearing, Flaring, Widening Test on nuts, Bending, Single-sided and Double-sided shearing test, Pendulum Impact and etc.

Long Term Mechanics: Stress Relaxation, High Temperature Creep, Stress Rupture Test, Transverse Vibration, and Fatigue Test.

Testing Equipment: (small Exhibit attached)

Roughness Tester; Profilometer; Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing machine (1---400T); Stress Relaxation Testing Machine; Static Load Anchoring Testing Machine; Microcomputer Servo Pressure Shearing Testing Machine; Torque Coefficient Tester; Vivtorinox Hardness Tester; Transverse Vibration Testing Machine, Fatigue Testing Machine, and Stress Rupture Testing Machine

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