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  • Safety Detection

    Bolt, nut, pin, gear, shaft, flywheel and other dangerous parts, high speed, overloading operation under mechanical transmission, must be on the fatigue resistance, hydrogen embrittlement, defects, process component, such as the coefficient of friction is sufficient detection, simulation experiments, good safety protection measures

  • Chemical Analysis

    The passivation treatment, drying, burning or absorption and a series of, accurate weighing, the content of the tested components

  • Metallographic Analysis

    All kinds of metal products and raw materials microstructure inspection and evaluation, cast iron, cast steel, nonferrous metals, raw material low magnification defects inspection, determination of the non metallic inclusion content, decarburized layer / case depth determination.

  • Precision Measurement

    Accurate calculation of human error, error method, the measured ratio and unit volume and accurate expression measurements

  • Failure Analysis

    The failure mechanism is due to physical parts, components and materials failure or chemical process, inducing factors of this process with internal and external, in the study on failure mechanism, usually from the external factors and the failure form of expression, and then the more subtle inner factors, put forward countermeasures to prevent and failure.

  • Mechanical Performance Testing

    Properties of the metal material quality, external load properties (such as tensile, compression, torsion testing the mechanical properties of cable machine, impact, cyclic loads, etc.) on the mechanical properties of metal materials will be different. Including the mechanical properties of commonly used: strength, hardness, plasticity, toughness, etc..

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